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Altenor and Foley to take SGA executive office

By Leanne Vastbinder, Opinion Editor The Student Government Association’s elections have concluded, and presidential candidate Gabrielle Altenor and vice presidential candidate Mac Foley will be next year’s new executives after running unopposed. They ran with the campaign slogan “NU vision, NU voice, same values.” Altenor said she decided

Faculty adapt to having all online classes

By Madeline Alvarez, Sports Editor Classes are back in session this week after a two-week Spring Break, but things are looking a little different since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the university to stop holding in-person classes. After the university announced the decision on March 17 to discontinue in-person classes

Who can still be found on Newman's campus?

By Spencer Jacobson, Staff Writer Newman’s campus, like those of many universities, is essentially shut down amid COVID-19 concerns. Classrooms that would be full of students on a normal Monday sit empty, and faculty offices are shut up tight. But a few people are still roaming around this college