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How will life look after graduation?

By Katherine Sullivan, Staff Writer With less than two weeks left as undergraduate students at Newman University, seniors are now facing their futures. Some say they have plans to further their education. Others will be joining the workforce. The Vantage asked a few graduating seniors to share what was next

Jams to keep you going to the end of the semester

By Marie O'Neal, Staff Writer Everyone loves getting their Spotify year-in-review playlist. But what about a semester-in-review playlist? This week, The Vantage asked students to share their zeitgeist songs, artists or playlists getting them through the end of the semester. To start off, Professor Oberly is listening to a baby

A chance for seniors to pay it forward

By Spencer Jacobson, Staff Writer Newman seniors have an opportunity to pay their education forward in Newman’s first-ever senior gift drive. This drive is being put on by eight seniors: Gabrielle Altenor, Mitchell Austin, Karen Do, Mac Foley, Haley Albers, Cole Schnieders, Katherine Sullivan, and Zach Myers. Altenor said