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Bachelor Mondays take over Newman

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer Students at Newman are living for this season of “The Bachelor.” Not only are girls loving this season, even boys are tuning in to see who the winner of Bachelor Peter Weber’s heart will be. “The Bachelor” is a show where one guy gets

The quest for the best V-Day chocolate

By Jack Shafer, Staff Writer Fellow students, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and you are poor. Forgot to get a gift for your significant other because you are a full-time student in extra-curricular activities who has enough money in your bank account to have a fun Saturday night and enough

Director of Theatre creates epic adaptation

By Murphy Obershaw, Copy Editor Director of Theatre Mark Mannette’s stage adaptation of “Inferno,” part of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem “The Divine Comedy,” will hit the stage in March. Mannette said he got the idea to write a stage adaptation of “Inferno” while teaching an interdisciplinary class at